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Lottie French Lewis passed away in 2009 but her legacy lives on from her passion for supporting causes.

One of these was for the Early Detection and Prevention of Cancer. Lottie Lewis desired the cancer research and prevention work of Dr. Michael P. Osborne, President of Strang Cancer Prevention Institute, to benefit from her endowed fund at the Community Foundation of Palm Beach and Martin Counties.


Lottie Lewis had a special friendship with Dr. Osborne, and she planned to ensure his work to fulfill Strang’s missionDedicated to Promoting Cure by Early Detection and Research to Prevent Cancer since 1933 including Dissemination of Information to the Public, Educating Medical Professionals and Supporting Cancer Prevention Research.


Strang’s commitment to The Lottie French Lewis Fund has enabled Strang to study primary care physicians’ cancer screening recommendations to their patients as well as study the patient’s perception of their doctors’ recommendations. These studies were carried out at Beth Israel Medical Center in 2013. Since 2018 Strang has initiated a program of newsletters for nine major cancers. There is a designated month for each cancer at which time the newsletter is distributed to over 8,000 physicians in twelve states.


Strang’s goal is to reach the majority of physicians who make cancer screening and prevention recommendations nationwide thus ensuring Lottie Lewis’s passion and charitable intent to become a reality. 

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